Senior dogs tend to have unique needs and require some extra support in their care. Our dogs are a lifetime commitment and providing them the best care possible in their later years can require extra hands and a caring heart. Providing individual walks for senior dogs, arranging additional home visits or helping with medication routines and administering injections are some of the custom services we offer for our senior furry friends. 


Your puppy needs their own special care and attention. We will give them a thirty minute visit. This includes feeding, taking them out for a potty break and then lots of one on one playtime. We will clean up any wee accidents that may have occurred.


There’s no place like home....If you’re going away for a week, weekend or just over night, your cat would be much happier staying at home than being boarded in a kennel. Feel at ease while you’re gone knowing that your cat will be fed, water refreshed, litter cleaned and enjoy a half hour of kitty playtime.


If you are away more than one day, collecting your mail, bringing in your garbage/recycling bins, watering plants and alternating your house lighting will be included at no extra cost. An extra $2 will be applied for more than one cat.