Birchcliff, The Beaches, East York & Leslieville

Pack Adventures for Urban Dogs. 

Because a tired dog is a happy dog.

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Keeping dogs connected to the natural world is an important part of providing the best for our dogs. Pack play and socialisation in nature allow dogs of all energy levels the opportunity to work out and burn off some energy in a positive way. Many behaviour issues in dogs are the result of pent up energy and boredom. A tired dog is a happy dog. 


Paws In Motion is a full service company that is dedicated to the happiness of dogs (and their owners). From pack walks to puppy visits to medication administration, (including insulin injections) our services are tailored around the needs of the dogs in our care. 


As a small company, I am able to build distinct relationships with the animals and people that I work with and ensure that the care and support I provide can be tailored around the unique needs of each pet. I want you to feel secure that your pet is well looked after and cared for, giving you peace of mind, whether it is for an hour walk, or a week away. 

Bonded. Licensed and Insured.

Certified in Pet First Aid

Available weekends and holidays. 

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